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Starter Package

starter package

Book your STARTER PACKAGE with Dr. Burger. Call us at (+27) (0)21-557-3427



Custom Smile Design Consultation (Valued at R250)
This consultation is specific for getting the best possible SMILE for you.
Here we look at all the options possible for designing your new smile.


Full Dental Check-Up with X-rays (Valued at R500)
Here we look at all your teeth (back and front) for typical dental problems like tooth decay and other restorative issues.


Teeth Whitening (Valued at R1800)
A white smile is crucial for any bride & Groom and with our top of the range products you'll have a truly White Wedding!


Dental Cleaning & Polishing (Valued at R440)
We will also ensure that your teeth are sparkle clean with this Dental Hygiene appointment.


Shaping & Contouring of Front Teeth (Valued at R150)
Sometimes it only takes a little shaping and polishing of your front teeth to create awesome results!


Free Consultation with Wedding Photographer (Valued at R500)
If you haven't book your Photographer yet, we can help. You will receive a change to meet our wedding Photographer and get all your questions answered. Entitled to special discount of R500.


Free Consultation with Wedding Videographer (Valued at R500)
A video or DVD of your wedding is a must! You will receive a FREE Consultation with our Videographer and qualify for special discounts.


Before & After Portfolio
We will also provide you with a series of before and after photos of your treatments.


Gift Bag
Lots of extra goodies and freebies


A TOTAL Value of R4140
You Save R1643


Please note that if you do have medical aid, you might also claim back services that your medical aid covers, example: Dental Check up & Cleaning.








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