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Dear Bride & Groom to be,

Congratulations on taking the time to learn how to
get your best smile ever on your Wedding day!

...Even if you feel embarrassed  by your smile,
have  zero confidence 
or just want to look and feel absolutely beautiful

 am here to tell you that getting the smile of your dreams
is now easier than ever!

Finally Revealed!

The Dental Secrets that will change any Bride's smile
 into eye catching confidence and movie star appearance!

I want to take you by the hand and tell you that we at
Wedding Smiles understand how important your SMILE is on your WEDDING DAY.
At Wedding Smiles you can be sure of getting that movie star smile you've always wanted. 

Our passion is to transform an ordinary SMILE into a

In this   FREE REPORT  you will INSTANTLY learn how COSMETIC DENTISTRY can make your SMILE 
(and your wedding
  photos) the talk of the town...

 cosmetic dentistry

  lightning up  your smile 

 cosmetic dentistry   straightening  your teeth "instantly" ! 
 cosmetic dentistry   closing gaps  between your front teeth
 cosmetic dentistry   creating  confidence like no other procedure
 cosmetic dentistry   looking   your absolute best ever! 
 cosmetic dentistry   creating 'ear-to-ear' smiles
 cosmetic dentistry   removing   blue and brown discolorations from your teeth     
 cosmetic dentistry getting the white smile you've always wanted! 

From the Smile Design Studio of Dr. Francois Burger

Tuesday, 10.28 am

First of all CONGRATULATIONS on your Big Day!
It's time to stop worrying about your smile and let me help you
  looking your absolute best on your very SPECIAL DAY!  


Almost every 'Bride & Groom to be' I meet wants to know what they can do to brighten up their smiles on their big day.  Most couples spend an incredible amount of time trying to create the perfect day for their guests - organizing the venue, food & drinks, decor, music etc, while they don't realise that besides all the mumbo jumbo THEY are actually the TRUE CELEBRITIES on their Wedding Day!  


A few months later all they have left of their Wedding Day are the photos and DVD footage to remind them of their beautiful day. Great pictures not only require a great photographer, but ALSO YOU in it, looking YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST with a SMILE that says: "I'm happy, I'm confident, I'm in love!" 

A GREAT SMILE makes up 90% when taking a picture of you!  

I have been helping couples look their best for more than 10 years now and I am still STUNNED to see how little people actually know about these little  LIFE CHANGING Dental Secrets! 

My eyes finally opened up on MY BIG DAY...

About as little as a few months ago it was
  MY Wedding Day !  I can still recall the planning, the venue, the pictures and of course OUR SMILES! My wife is blessed with a truly amazing smile and although she looks stunningly beautiful, she secretly told me that she was unhappy with her smile.

I was shocked!

Request your FREE REPORT  now!

The truth is that even if your teeth are practically
"text-book-perfect", if in

your mind's eye a slightly chipped or crooked incisor is a facial deformity; that perception will influence both your self-image and the way you interact with others.  

After taking her to my Wedding Smiles Office, I applied all  Dentistry's Cosmetic Secrets and restored her confidence so that she felt as beautiful as she looked! It was only a matter of days and the whole family wedding party came into my office to get their smiles fixed up!  

So, that got me thinking... 

It was about time I develop a system where I can apply all my Cosmetic Dental knowledge and help other people, especially 'Brides & Grooms to be' to  look their best on their BIG DAY!

Here is the good news...! 
You too can get the smile of your dreams on



I want to invite you to join my "MEMBERS-ONLY" section where you can get access to our Special Membership Benefits.  Once you've got access, you can view this private section 24/7 and have direct access to our "online support".    

in the next 5 minutes...! 



If you are embarrassed by your smile, or just need that extra 1 thing that will lighten up your smile, we are here to help!  

Request your FREE REPORT  now!

Each month we are giving away  9 FREE SMILE MAKE-OVER CONSULTATIONS to all subscribed "Wedding Smile Members"!  This is a  no-obligation, 100% FREE consultation  and this will give you the chance to come and meet us and get all your questions answered!  

If afterwards you feel that you just want to wait, then it is absolutely fine with us. You have no obligation whatsoever to continue with any procedure.  At least you will get the chance to see just how easy it is to transform your smile to Movie Star quality!   



We also offer a
100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 


With Cosmetic Dentistry , teeth whitening , replacing old silver fillings , closing the gaps between your front teeth,  dental veneers and dental implants ,  the sky is the limit!

Cosmetic Dentistry  has truly changed Dentistry forever!  Now sit back, relax, put your feet up and we will show you how to transform your smile to Movie Star quality so you can look

Picture Perfect on your Perfect Day!

To your biggest Smile ever!

Dr. Francois Burger

P.S:   Hurry up, we only allow 9 SPOTS per month for the
Get in early!

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between your

front teeth


 Avoid BAD BREATH on your Wedding day

cosmetic dentistry

Look 10 years younger!

teeth whitening

Get the Whitest Smile on your Big Day!

instant braces

Don't have a "tight-lipped" smile on your BIG DAY.  Smile with confidence!




cosmetic dentistry


If you are serious about looking your absolute best on your wedding day and having your greatest SMILE ever, we are here to help!

For the first time ever we are giving away our MOVIESTAR SECRETS to help you transform your smile!

Our Teeth Whitening, Dental Veneers, White Fillings, Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentis- 
try will drive you crazy!

A great SMILE is the secret that ties everything together in giving you fabulous pictures, oozing confidence and a drop dead gorgeous YOU!

Subscribe now to get access to these amazing SECRETS  !

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