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A denture is a removable item that is constructed to replace one or more missing teeth.  An acrylic framework fits in the area between the existing natural teeth and carries false teeth, which then fill the gaps in the dentition.

acrylic partial denture
Acrylic Partial Denture 


  • Acrylic white teeth
  • Acrylic pink between teeth
  • Claps that hook around existing teeth to provide grip / retention

A better partial denture is the Metal Frame Denture. This is a precision fit of denture. The metal is a silver colour and usually made of chrome-cobalt. 


  • Acrylic white teeth
  • Metal frame fits snugly around teeth
  • Precision clasps and rests
metal frame denture
Metal-Frame Denture

It is
very important that all the teeth in an arch are restored before a metal denture is fabricated. The reason is that the denture is made to fit exactly against the existing teeth. If the form of a tooth is altered after the denture is made, chances are that the denture will not fit snugly against the existing teeth anymore. 

Dentures are not the ideal answer to replacing missing teeth and very often patients expect too much.  It can be compared to crutches for someone who had lost a leg.  It will take a while to learn how to use them, but one can never expect to function in the same way than with natural teeth. Many patients are more than happy with their dentures and don't want anything else.

Denture fitted in
patient's mouth

The resin that your denture is made from has microscopic holes that can collect food debris and bacteria.  Dentures become contaminated, because they are in your mouth on a daily basis and sometimes worn 24 hours a day.

  • Brush your denture twice daily with a denture brush and a non-abrasive denture toothpaste like STERADENT Denture Paste (available in our homecare kit *)  
  • Rinse your denture after every meal
  • Do not wear your denture at night. This will give your gum tissue a rest and allow the normal cleansing by your saliva to promote long term health of your gums
  • Soak your denture in 50% water / 50% vinegar to inhibit fungus growth. A better alternative  is Aloe Vera gel that is placed in the denture once a day.  Aloe Vera is a good anti-fungal.
  • It is normal to get "sore spots" especially the first few days after getting a new denture. Please wear your denture at least 3 hours before you visit us.  This makes it easy to see the "sore spots" and to allow for exact adjustments
  • New dentures should be made every 5 - 7 years or when the denture are not comfortable anymore 
denture care
Soak denture to inhibit fungus growth

oral hygiene
Oral Hygiene

for Dentures are available to buy at our practise


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